Urban Natural Sole Boot

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  • Superior materials
  • All day Comfort
  • Hand stitched detail
  • Odour free
  • Sizes: 2-14 UK
  • Delivery: 2-5 Working Days

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Our Urban Chelsea boot is made of split suede in a beige/sand colour with a rugged looking sole.  Perfect for the concrete jungle. 




  • Superior materials: We source as many of our materials locally (in SA) as we possibly can. By sourcing locally, we help support local businesses and communities. This has the knock-on effect of reduced carbon emissions, because components and finished products spend less time in transit.

  • All day Comfort: Veldskoen leather naturally conforms and moulds to your foot. After a few days of wear, they will feel like they are an extension of your foot.

  • Hand stitched detail: Each Veldskoen is handmade and stitched in South Africa by master shoe makers. This means individual care and attention is given to every shoe.

  • Odour free: Did you know leather is a natural deodorizer? Veldskoen announce themselves because of how they look, not because of how they smell. You can even wear them without socks.



  • Split Suede Leather treated with a hydrophobic finish

  • Full grain oily/waxy leather in tan/brown colour for our Chukka and Woodstock ranges also in 1.8/20mm substance.

  • Because we use full grain leathers, finishes may differ slightly between shoes, or areas on a pair of shoes. We love these unique textures and believe they are part of what gives Veldskoen their beautiful character!

  • Hydrophobic leather:  All our Veldskoen leathers have been given a hydrophobic treatment. This means that if you spill liquid on them, it will roll off, instead of damning up, which gives you time to wipe off the liquid before it is absorbed.

  • Veldskoen Sole: All our soles are all made from a durable synthetic rubber compound, which is recyclable.

  • Insock: To give you all day comfort, our insocks are made with a 4mm, high density, memory foam. They are covered with a durable PU lining that creates the perfect padding for your feet.

  • Stitching: Our stitching is done with a semi waxed, 100% polyester, braided thread, that is as strong as the shoe itself. We use double stitching, on all high movement areas of the shoe, for added strength.



* Ladies order one size down for VELDSKOEN.

* Order regular size for PLAKKIE.