Suction Mount

R 237.00 R 250.00
  • Exclusively for Transcend's DrivePro dashcams
  • 360 Degree Swivel
  • This product does not work with the DrivePro 10.
  • Delivery: 2-5 Working Days

Exclusively for Transcend's DrivePro dashcams, the suction mount features a lockable suction pad, a locking T tip and a 360° swivel, allowing you to easily adjust your mount to any desired angle.

Installation Guide

  1. Clean the area of the windshield where the suction cup will be mounted.
  2. Remove the protective film and position the suction cup on the windshield.
  3. While holding the base firmly, press down on the locker lever.
  4. Insert and slide the dashcam into the suction mount.




  • Dimensions:54.6 mm x ø44.5 mm (2.15" x ø1.75")
  • Weight: 26.6 g (0.94 oz)
  • Suction Cup: 45mm diameter

Operating Environment:

Note: This product not work with the DrivePro 10.

Supported Devices:

  • DrivePro 110
  • DrivePro 230
  • DrivePro 550
  • DrivePro 250
  • DrivePro 620 (front camera)


  • One-year Limited Warranty