CR-6 SE 3D Printer

R 6,209.00 R 6,999.00

  • Intelligent Leveling-Free System
  • Integrated Modular Design
  • Innovative Nozzle Design
  • Trinamic controller
  • Optimized Upgrade Designs
  • Branded Power Supply
  • Stable Z-axis & Timing Belt
  • Carborundum Print Platform
  • HD Color touch Screen

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Intelligent Leveling-Free System
Patented leveling-free system is designed to truly achieve hassle-free and intelligently automatic platform leveling


Integrated Modular Design
The device comes in modulars with quality aluminum profile makes it easy to assemble and maintain


Innovative Nozzle Design
Molding-in-one nozzle and extruder are redesigned with upgraded heat sink, heat block, greatly improving the heating and cooling efficiency


Trinamic controller
Equipped with independently developed silent motherboard, CR-6 SE is capable of voltage control, smooth movement, and silent printing.


Optimized Upgrade Designs
User experience improved by optimized upgrades like redesigned nozzle, aluminum profiles, foldable filament holder, belt tensioner


Branded Power Supply
Power guarantees stable power supply and wide power voltage. One click to switch between 150V and 230V


Stable Z-axis & Timing Belt
Great stability and balance ensured by dual Z-axis and timing belt, reducing vibrations on Z-axis and achieving smooth movement and fine results


Carborundum Print Platform

Carborundum hotbed with excellent thermal performance promotes quick heating up, strong adhesion and easy removal for prints


HD Color touch Screen
The 4.3in HD color touch screen displays all information in Chinese and English. Intuitive and responsive user interaction.

What's in the box
1 x Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer